SUV Tire Failure

Tire failures and blowouts can happen anytime, often without warning. This is especially true in the summertime when the pavement on the roads and highways is extremely hot. When a SUV tire fails at highway speeds, the driver may not be able to control the vehicle, which may result in a rollover accident. A tire failure, blowout or tread separation on a SUV can be more difficult to control than a standard passenger car because most SUV’s are designed with a high center of gravity, narrow track width and a short wheel base. In an emergency, over steering, over braking and over correction are much more likely to occur while trying to maintain control of the sport utility vehicle.

SUV tires can fail for many reasons including:

SUV Rollover - The Deadly Aftermath of a SUV Tire Failure

As discussed above, when a SUV tire blowout or tire failure occurs, the vehicle often is difficult to control to a safe stop. If a SUV rollover does occur the SUV’s roof system, door latches, airbags and seatbelts are put to the test. In a rollover, the roof, roof supports or roof pillars often will collapse or crush down into the “safety” zone of the passengers’ space often impacting heads and spinal cords, causing massive injuries or even death. In some situations, the seat belts may fail during a rollover. Even if properly restrained, the occupant’s body may travel inside the vehicle and impact doors, the roof, roof pillars, the windshield, windows or the front dash. When this occurs, the person experiences what safety engineers call a second impact often with devastating results. SUVs equipped with side impact airbags and roof-mounted rollover airbags along with electronic stability control systems help reduce the severity of this second impact and limit interior body’s movement during the accident or rollover.

SUV Tire Failure & Rollover Lawyer

For over 30 years the Willis Law Firm has been assisting victims of tire failures and vehicle rollovers. We have an experienced team ready to tackle even the biggest accidents. We have lawyers, engineers, scene investigators, tire experts and accident re-constructionists ready to take over and relieve you of the fears or burdens of dealing with insurance adjusters or manufacturers with their own teams of lawyers. We will help find and preserve the vehicle and have it transported to a locked and secured warehouse out of the prying eyes of the other side and have the vehicle and tires examined to determine if any defect exists and advise you on your legal rights. Mr. Willis is a Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Lawyer certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 1988.  Mr. Willis is also the recipient of the Steven Sharp Award – A Nation Public Service Award for his contributions to the discovery of evidence that helped inform the American public of the dangers of the Ford Explorer and the tire defects of many models of Firestone Tires. This information helped uncover needed pieces to the puzzle for the NHTSA Recall of over 8,000,000 vehicles and tires.

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