Light Truck Tire Failures

Light trucks, pickup trucks and the larger commercial or utility trucks experience tire failures at an alarming rate. Truck tire blowouts, de-treading, tread separations – especially at highway speeds – can be a deadly combination. Unlike most passenger cars and SUV’s, truck tires are vulnerable to failures due to the circumstances many of the trucks are used. Many times trucks carry heavy loads of equipment or pull trailers filled with more equipment and supplies. When the pickup truck is fully loaded with passengers, cargo and pulling additional trailer weight, this can test whether the tires are built to handle the load safely as advertised or whether the tire fails to live up to its advertised load rating.

When a truck tire blowout or failure occurs, especially at highway speeds, the truck driver may encounter difficulty in trying to control the vehicle and bringing it to a safe stop on the shoulder of the road or off the highway. If the tire failure occurs when pulling a lowboy trailer or cargo trailer, then bringing the pickup under control is even tougher with or without trailer brakes or not as the loaded trailer acts like it is pushing the driver down the highway often wanting to jackknife. If the tire failure is on a rear tire it makes the vehicle harder to control as the directional stability of the truck is altered making driver recovery more difficult. On the other hand, when the sudden blowout is on the front tire of the truck the driver is more in control and usually able to steer the vehicle off the road safely.

When a pickup truck (small, regular, crew cab or extended size truck) with a load in the bed or on roof racks increases the center of gravity making the vehicle more top heavy, harder to steer and control, more rollover prone. No particular pickup truck brand is immune from tire failures and resulting rollovers. In fact our law firm has been involved in cases of most every brand of tire and truck ever made including Ford 150, F250, F350, Ranger, Chevrolet / Chevy S10. 1500, 2500, 3500, Dodge Ram, GMC Sierra K15, K25, K35, Nissan Titan, Toyota Tacoma and Tundra trucks.

Why So Many Truck Tire Failures & Blowouts?

Some tire failures, blowouts, detreading and tire tread separations on pickup trucks and light trucks can be traced to the tires being too old or negligently repaired at a tire shop. Often tire shops will attempt to plug a tire where a patch is needed or repair a tire too many times or attempt to repair tire damage too large or has affected the safety of the tire. Other tire failures can be traced to the manufacturer at the time the tire plant and this is especially true with many cheap Chinese and domestic tires sold at nationwide tire shops and mega discount stores.

During the tire manufacturing process, some of the likely causes of tire defects might be the result from:

Slow Leaks and Internal Tire Damage

A truck tire by its very nature needs to be a high quality tire with all the belts and rubber as possible due to the loads and environments that trucks travel. Tires for the off-road, 4-wheel drive (4WD) truck market need to be able to withstand impacts from rocks and holes that occur off road without damaging the tire by “bruising” or weakening the inner tire core, belts or sidewalls. If such tires are not built as tough as advertised, these tires will often fail or blowout. Many tires whether with more aggressive tread, off road or highway tires can have blowouts if a road hazard, nail, piece of sharp metal or other object pierces the tread or side wall. When this happens, the tire pressure drops and the tire temperature rises. When this continues without notice the tires get hotter, making the tire softer and more likely to have a sudden tire blowout or sidewall failure. Luckily, when a slow leak happens on many modern pickup trucks equipped with constant tire pressure monitoring systems, this warning can help alert a driver of a loss of pressure and safely pull over and change or repair the tire.

Truck Tire Failure & Rollover Lawyer

For over 30 years the Willis Law Firm has been assisting victims of SUV & truck tire failures and rollovers. We have an experienced team of engineers, scene investigators, tire experts and accident reconstructionists ready to help. We will help find the truck, tire and any important evidence and have it transported to a locked and secured warehouse. Mr. Willis is a Board Certified Personal Injury Trial Lawyer certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 1988. Mr. Willis is also the recipient of the Steven Sharp Award – a Nation Public Service Award for his contributions to the discovery of evidence that helped inform the American public of the dangers of the Ford Explorer and the tire defects of many of the Firestone Tires. Information discovered in that case, help lead NHTSA to order a recall of over 8,000,000 vehicles and tires.

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