Bridgestone Tire Recall

There are many different reasons why a Bridgestone tire might fail, all of them putting drivers, passengers and pedestrians at risk of an accident or injury. From factory defects to retailers claiming that old or used tires are actually new, consumers need to take into consideration the factors that can compromise the integrity of their tires. This includes the following, which represents some of the most common Bridgestone tire issues:

A personal injury attorney with experience in handling defective tire accident cases can assist in investigating, determining and prosecuting the negligent parties. Don’t eat up the costs of treatment if someone else is at fault.

We have more information about diagnosing bad tires here.

Aged and Used Bridgestone Tire Risks

Some retail outlets, even the likes of Pep Boys and Wal-Mart, will try to pass off damaged tires as “new.” Just because they’re unused, that doesn’t mean they’re road safe. Aged Bridgestone tires, particularly if they’ve been stored under extreme conditions leaving them brittle, can be just as dangerous as used. This can cause the following issues:

Legal Assistance for Bridgestone Tire Injuries and Accidents

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