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The Willis Law Firm represented the surviving family of a tire worker in John Doe v. Titan Tire. Details of the tractor tire lawsuit can be found here.

AG tires and tractor tires are vulnerable to tire failure resulting from manufacturing defects. The fact that tire failures still occur on slow-moving farm equipment and heavy industry vehicles can still lead to serious injury often goes overlooked. The truth is, there is quite a bit of danger in servicing large tires.

Large tires and multi-piece rims can explode without warning during inflation, deflation, unmounting or mounting – and this makes working with them extremely dangerous. Multi-piece wheels and rims have frequently caused serious injury or death to tire mounters employed in service stations and tire stores. Many tire workers refer to multi-piece rims and wheels as “widow makers.”

Tire changing can be dangerous, and should be done only by trained personnel using the procedures and equipment as directed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Although OSHA guidelines require, among other things, the use of a safety cage during the tire mounting operation, accidents still occur after the wheel is removed from this piece. Industrial and Agricultural Tire Types

Tractor Tire Failure:

Heavy equipment tires can explode during inflation or mounting, without warning, causing serious injury or even death to tire workers.

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