16.0" vs. 16.5" Tire and Rim Mismatch

Warning - Explosions, Injuries, and Deaths

There is a danger of serious injury or death if a tire of one bead diameter is installed on a rim or wheel of a different rim diameter. Re-assembly and inflation of mismatched parts can result in serious injury and quite possibly death. Check for proper matching of all rim parts before assembly. Always replace a tire with another tire of exactly the same bead diameter designation and suffix letters to avoid a rim mismatch.

Tire and Rim Matching Examples

A 16" tire goes on a 16" rim. Never mount a 16" tire on a 16.1" or 16.5" rim. Even if the tire can be forced into place, avoid this unnecessary and dangerous risk by matching the tire to a rim that meets the tire manufacturer’s recommended size requirements. A 16.1" tire goes on a 16.1" rim. Never mount a 16.1" tire on a 16" or 16.5" rim. A 16.5" tire goes on a 16.5" rim. Never mount a 16.5" tire on a 16" or 16.1" rim.

While it is possible to pass a 16" diameter tire over the lip or flange of a 16.1" or 16.5" size diameter rim, it cannot be inflated enough to position itself against the rim flange.

Beads of a 16" tire will not seat on a 16.5" rim. The beads cannot be forced out against the rim flanges by using more air pressure because this will break the beads and the tire will explode with force sufficient to cause serious injury or death. If an attempt is made to seat the tire bead by inflating, the tire bead will break with explosive force.

Tire and Rim Matching Warning

Rims of different diameters and tapers cannot be interchanged. Never assemble a tire and rim unless you have positively identified and correctly matched the parts.

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