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Many single vehicle wrecks and rollover accidents occur each year due to tire tread separations, blowouts, tread loss, sidewall failures, detreading and other types of tire failures. Some Firestone tires fail due to poor design or manufacture and from common road hazards. Sadly, when a tire failure occurs at highways speeds, it can lead to a crash or roll over wreck with catastrophic results. If you believe your tire failure and wreck were due to a defective Firestone tire, then call our law firm and speak with a lawyer or attorney today. Our law firm offers a free case evaluation.

Firestone Tire Recalls

Tire Make and Model:Report Date:
Firestone 100020 Tire Recall01/20/1978
Firestone 100020 Tire Recall11/21/1978
Firestone 100020 Tire Recall04/10/1979
Firestone 100020 Tire Recall06/01/1979
Firestone 100020 Tire Recall08/24/1979
Firestone 100020 Tire Recall02/15/1982
Firestone 100022 Tire Recall02/15/1982
Firestone 1000R20 Tire Recall07/11/1978
Firestone 100225 Tire Recall02/15/1982
Firestone 10165 Tire Recall01/24/1986
Firestone 10R225 Tire Recall01/03/1990
Firestone 110015 Tire Recall04/10/1979
Firestone 110020 Tire Recall02/15/1982
Firestone 110022 Tire Recall02/15/1982
Firestone 1100225 Tire Recall02/15/1982
Firestone 110024 Tire Recall02/05/1979
Firestone 1100245 Tire Recall02/15/1982
Firestone 11225 Tire Recall - No Summary Available11/06/1973
Firestone 11225 Tire Recall - No Summary Available04/09/1974
Firestone 11R225 Tire Recall01/03/1990
Firestone 11R245 Tire Recall01/03/1990
Firestone 120020 Tire Recall04/22/1981
Firestone 12R225 Tire Recall01/03/1990
Firestone 1500225 Tire Recall02/15/1982
Firestone 165225 Tire Recall02/15/1982
Firestone 1800195 Tire Recall01/20/1978
Firestone 1800195 Tire Recall04/10/1979
Firestone 18R195 Tire Recall03/19/1987
Firestone 19570R13 Tire Recall07/16/1980
Firestone 28575R245 Tire Recall01/03/1990
Firestone 29575R225 Tire Recall01/03/1990
Firestone 30X9.50R15 LT Tire Recall09/09/2002
Firestone 31105015LT Tire Recall01/24/1986
Firestone 5708 Tire Recall - No Summary Available01/02/1975
Firestone 70015 Tire Recall12/03/1981
Firestone 8195 Tire Recall05/18/1987
Firestone 8195 Tire Recall03/02/1989
Firestone 825R20 Tire Recall07/11/1978
Firestone 875165 Tire Recall - No Summary Available12/21/1973
Firestone 875165 Tire Recall04/17/1979
Firestone 90020 Tire Recall - No Summary Available02/17/1976
Firestone 90020 Tire Recall11/06/1980
Firestone 950165 Tire Recall03/07/1983
Firestone ATX Tire Recall08/16/2000
Firestone ATX II Tire Recall08/16/2000
Firestone BR7013 Tire Recall - No Summary Available03/26/1976
Firestone BR7013 Tire Recall07/16/1980
Firestone BR7813 Tire Recall12/14/1977
Firestone BR7813 Tire Recall12/05/1978
Firestone BR7813 Tire Recall07/16/1980
Firestone CR7013 Tire Recall07/16/1980
Firestone CR7814 Tire Recall07/16/1980
Firestone Destination A/T Tire Recall05/31/2006
Firestone DR7814 Tire Recall12/05/1978
Firestone DR7814 Tire Recall07/16/1980
Firestone E7014 Tire Recall12/03/1981
Firestone E7814 Tire Recall - No Summary Available03/26/1976
Firestone ER7814 Tire Recall12/05/1978
Firestone ER7814 Tire Recall07/16/1980
Firestone F7815 Tire Recall - No Summary Available03/26/1976
Firestone Firehawk GTA-02 Tire Recall02/20/2001
Firestone Tire Recall - No Summary Available09/14/1973
Firestone Tire Recall - No Summary Available11/04/1974
Firestone Tire Recall - No Summary Available12/01/1975
Firestone Tire Recall - No Summary Available12/09/1976
Firestone Tire Recall10/26/1979
Firestone Tire Recall10/26/1983
Firestone Tire Recall02/21/1984
Firestone Tire Recall11/20/1984
Firestone Tire Recall03/15/1985
Firestone Tire Recall10/08/1985
Firestone FR7814 Tire Recall - No Summary Available01/17/1975
Firestone FR7814 Tire Recall12/05/1978
Firestone FR7814 Tire Recall07/16/1980
Firestone FR7815 Tire Recall07/16/1980
Firestone G7815 Tire Recall - No Summary Available06/15/1973
Firestone GR7015 Tire Recall - No Summary Available07/15/1974
Firestone GR7015 Tire Recall07/16/1980
Firestone GR7814 Tire Recall11/27/1978
Firestone GR7814 Tire Recall12/05/1978
Firestone GR7814 Tire Recall07/16/1980
Firestone GR7815 Tire Recall - No Summary Available12/17/1975
Firestone GR7815 Tire Recall - No Summary Available11/05/1976
Firestone GR7815 Tire Recall07/16/1980
Firestone H7814 Tire Recall - No Summary Available05/17/1976
Firestone H7815 Tire Recall - No Summary Available05/17/1976
Firestone H7815 Tire Recall09/24/1981
Firestone H7815 Tire Recall10/22/1981
Firestone HR7814 Tire Recall03/03/1977
Firestone HR7814 Tire Recall12/05/1978
Firestone HR7814 Tire Recall07/16/1980
Firestone HR7815 Tire Recall - No Summary Available07/15/1974
Firestone HR7815 Tire Recall03/03/1977
Firestone HR7815 Tire Recall07/15/1977
Firestone HR7815 Tire Recall07/16/1980
Firestone IR7815 Tire Recall12/05/1978
Firestone J7815 Tire Recall01/14/1977
Firestone JR7814 Tire Recall07/16/1980
Firestone JR7815 Tire Recall07/16/1980
Firestone L6014 Tire Recall - No Summary Available08/12/1974
Firestone L7815 Tire Recall - No Summary Available11/26/1975
Firestone L7815 Tire Recall - No Summary Available05/17/1976
Firestone L7815 Tire Recall02/05/1979
Firestone L7815 Tire Recall12/20/1979
Firestone LR7815 Tire Recall12/05/1978
Firestone LR7815 Tire Recall07/20/1979
Firestone LR7815 Tire Recall07/16/1980
Firestone LT23585R16 Tire Recall06/26/1985
Firestone NR7815 Tire Recall07/16/1980
Firestone P18575R14 Tire Recall11/27/1978
Firestone P19565R15 Tire Recall09/09/2002
Firestone P20555R16 Tire Recall02/20/2001
Firestone P21560R14 Tire Recall05/18/1987
Firestone P21565R15 Tire Recall09/16/1988
Firestone P21575R14 Tire Recall06/01/1979
Firestone P21575R15 Tire Recall06/01/1979
Firestone P23575R15 Tire Recall12/17/1981
Firestone P26570R16 Tire Recall01/02/2001
Firestone Steeltex A/T Tire Recall05/02/2003
Firestone Steeltex A/T Tire Recall02/26/2004
Firestone T12570D15 Tire Recall05/24/1984
Firestone Wilderness AT Tire Recall08/16/2000
Firestone Wilderness AT Tire Recall10/15/2001
Firestone Wilderness AT Tire Recall05/22/2001

Bridgestone/Firestone Tire Recalls

Tire Make and Model:Report Date:
Bridgestone/Firestone ATX Tire Recall08/16/2000
Bridgestone/Firestone ATX II Tire Recall08/16/2000
Bridgestone/Firestone Destination A/T Tire Recall05/31/2006
Bridgestone/Firestone Firehawk GTA-02 Tire Recall02/20/2001
Bridgestone/Firestone P19565R15 Tire Recall09/09/2002
Bridgestone/Firestone P20555R16 Tire Recall02/20/2001
Bridgestone/Firestone P26570R16 Tire Recall01/02/2001
Bridgestone/Firestone Steeltex A/T Tire Recall05/02/2003
Bridgestone/Firestone Steeltex A/T Tire Recall02/26/2004
Bridgestone/Firestone Wilderness AT Tire Recall08/16/2000
Bridgestone/Firestone Wilderness AT Tire Recall10/15/2001
Bridgestone/Firestone Wilderness HT Tire Recall09/01/2000

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