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Many single vehicle wrecks and rollover accidents occur each year due to tire tread separations, blowouts, tread loss, sidewall failures, detreading and other types of tire failures. Some Continental tires fail due to poor design or manufacture and from common road hazards. Sadly, when a tire failure occurs at highways speeds, it can lead to a crash or roll over wreck with catastrophic results. If you believe your tire failure and wreck were due to a defective Continental tire, then call our law firm and speak with a lawyer or attorney today. Our law firm offers a free case evaluation.

Continental Tire Recalls

Tire Make and Model:Report Date:
Continental 21565R16 C Tire Recall07/24/2002
Continental 31580R22.5 HSR1 Tire Recall08/19/2002
Continental Contitrac AW Tire Recall08/19/2002
Continental Contitrac BSW Tire Recall11/21/2005
Continental Contitrac TR BSW Tire Recall11/21/2005
Continental Contitrac TR OWL Tire Recall11/21/2005
Continental General Grabber TR BSW Tire Recall11/21/2005
Continental Grabber AW Tire Recall08/19/2002
Continental HDL Tire Recall01/24/2005
Continental HSL Tire Recall01/24/2005
Continental HSR Tire Recall01/24/2005
Continental HTL Tire Recall01/24/2005
Continental LT22575R16 Tire Recall04/09/1997
Continental P18570R14 Tire Recall03/24/2000
Continental P24575R16 Tire Recall09/28/2000
Continental P27560R17 Tire Recall08/19/2002

Other Continental Tire Models

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If you or a loved one have been seriously injured, or a loved one has been killed, as the result of a tire defect, tire failure, tread separation, tire blowout, rollover accident, or any other serious injury accident, then please call us to discuss your legal rights to a potential product liability lawsuit. Please fill out our online form by following the link below or call us right now: Toll Free 1-800-883-9858.

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