Agricultural AG Tires

Tractor Tire Failure:
Heavy equipment tires can explode during inflation or mounting, without warning, causing serious injury or even death to tire workers.

AG tires and tractor tires are vulnerable to tire failure from manufacturing defects. It is often overlooked that tire failures on slow moving farm equipment and heavy industry applications would ever result in serious injury, but there is however, danger in servicing large tires that can result in serious injury and even death. Large tires and multi-piece rims can explode without warning during inflation, deflation, unmounting or mounting – and this makes working with such tires extremely dangerous. Multi-piece wheels and rims have frequently resulted in serious injury or death to tire mounters employed in service stations and tire stores. Many tire workers refer to multi-piece rims and wheels as “widow makers.” Tire changing can be dangerous, and should be done only by trained personnel using the procedures and equipment as directed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Although OSHA guidelines require, among other things, the use of a safety cage during the tire mounting operation, accidents still occur after the wheel is removed from the safety cage.

Industrial and Agricultural Tire Types

  • AG tires
  • Industrial tires
  • Construction tires
  • Commercial tires
  • Mining tires
  • Heavy construction equipment tires
  • Earthmoving tires
  • Tractor tires

Tractor Tire Bead Failure and Explosion

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